Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our offerings? No problem, our team is happy to assist! Below you can find a number of our Frequently Asked Questions specifically curated to help our inexperienced riders and new customers alike. If you still cannot find the answer to your question below, feel free to reach out via phone.

VIN Questions

  • Why do I need a copy of my VIN?
    • The VIN is for your records. If the vehicle is lost or stolen, this is your proof of ownership. Keep this important information on file.
  • I need my VIN, do you have a copy?
    • No, we hand over all documentation at the point of purchase. We do not keep VINs on file.
  • Where can I find my VIN?
    • The VIN is 17 characters long and is located on the body of the vehicle, usually etched into the frame or on an engraved plate. Locations for reference are provided in the pictures below.         

Vehicle Maintenance Questions

How to Ride

  • I am having trouble getting my bike cranked, can you help?
    • The most common reasons a bike will not start is because the kill switch is engaged, the battery is dead, or the bike is not in neutral. Ensure the bike is in neutral, your battery is charged, and the kill switch is in the proper position, not engaged (pictured below). Still having trouble? Give us a call at 478-788-4551
  • When stopping my ATV, the front brakes are not halting the vehicle. Is this normal?
      • YES! The front hand brake is a helper brake only. The back foot brake is what stops the vehicle. Always use the foot and hand brake in tandem to bring the vehicle to a complete halt.

Chain Lube

  • What do I use to keep the chain lubed?
    • Motorcycle chain lube is highly recommended! It is water resistant and will stay on the chain better than any other lubes. This can be purchased from All Star-Scooters or any auto parts store.
  • How often/much should I lube my chain?
    • The chain should always be lubed, we recommend checking it each time before you ride. The chain should have enough grease that when you touch it, you get grease on your hands.
  • Can I use other lubes, like WD-40?
    • Yes, HOWEVER, the chain has a much higher chance of drying out and breaking. We highly recommend using only motorcycle chain lube for this purpose.


  • How do I check the oil?
    • Screw out the oil dipstick. Clean it with a cloth and put it back in place. Take the dipstick back out, your oil level should read within the hashmarks on the stick. When you are reading the oil level, it should be near max. Never on max as the engine will take in too much oil. If the engine is smoking, you have added too much oil. Still having trouble? Give us a call at 478-788-4551
  • When do I need to check my oil?
    • Check the oil after every 2 hours of riding. If it has gone down, add a little more back into it. This is ONLY required until it has undergone its 1st service. After it’s 1st service, check the oil periodically.
  • What kind of oil do I use?
    • Using your engine without proper oil will cause engine damage! We recommend using 10W40 Synthetic Oil. This can be purchased at All Star-Scooters or any auto parts store.


  • Do these vehicles use gas?
    • YES, all our vehicles use 93 octane premium gas or ethanol free gas.
  • What kind of gas do I put in my tank?
    • ALL vehicles use 93 octane premium gas or ethanol free gas. DO NOT USE regular or mid-grade gas or it will not run!


  • How do I keep my battery charged?
    • We recommend using a maintenance charger or a float charger for 12V batteries. These can be purchased at All Star-Scooters or from an auto parts store.
  • What if I do not plan on purchasing a charger?
    • Simply disconnect the battery if your vehicle will be sitting up for more than a couple of days. This keeps the vehicle from draining the battery of its power.
  • What size battery does my vehicle take?
    • All batteries will have a strand of letters & numbers located on the battery. Please refer to the chart below for battery sizing.
      YTX4L-BSSize 4
      YTX5L-BSSize 5
      KJJ7A-5Size 7
      KJJ9-5Size 9
      YTX14-BSSize 14
Service, Repairs, & Parts Questions
  • When do I bring my vehicle in for its 1st service?
    • The 1st service needs to be done after the first 2 full tanks of gas (or 300 miles on mopeds).
  • How often do I service my vehicle?
    • All vehicles need to be serviced every 15-20 tanks following its 1st service.
  • What is included in a service?
    • A service will include: changing the oil, replacing the spark plug, checking & tightening the bolts, checking & lubing the chain.
  • How much will a service cost?
    • A service costs $26.75 for ATVs, dirt bikes, & go carts. For scooters & mopeds a service will cost $45.
  • How do I schedule a service?
    • Simply drop the vehicle off with us during normal business hours. You can also schedule a same-day service for the next available appointment by calling All Star-Scooters at 478-788-4551
  • I purchased a vehicle from you, and it needs repaired; can you fix it?
    • All Star-Scooters will accept any vehicle that is purchased from our business for repairs. A $35 deposit will be collected to begin work; this will be subtracted from the final repair price once the work is complete.
  • I have a vehicle I did NOT purchase from All Star-Scooters and it needs repaired; can you fix it?
    • All Star-Scooters will work on vehicles like those we sell. This is limited to Chinese made ATVs, dirt bikes, go carts, scooters, & mopeds. A $35 deposit will be collected to begin work; this will be subtracted from the final repair price once the work is complete. Not sure if it is something we will fix, give us a call at 478-788-4551 or drop by during normal business hours.
  • I want to fix my vehicle myself, do you have the parts?
    • All Star-Scooters carries most parts for the vehicles we sell in stock or can order those not in stock. Simply bring your old part in and our team will be happy to assist in matching these up for you.
Miscellaneous Questions
  • Do you deliver the vehicles once purchased?
    • NO, we do not provide delivery in our current offerings. We recommend using an economically priced rental business for the transportation of your purchase (i.e. U-Haul, The Home Depot, etc.).
  • Do you accept trade-ins?
    • Yes, we accept trade-ins for the types of vehicles we sell. Bring your vehicle in during normal business hours and our team will assess and determine its trade value.
  • Do you offer any financing or layaway options?
    • Yes, we offer both layaway and financing. Layaway requires 20% down, a monthly payment, and the total bill must be paid off in 12 months. We have also partnered with Easy Pay Finance and is available for any vehicle that does NOT require a title to be transferred (financing is not applicable to any scooter that is larger than 50cc). To apply, Click Here.
  • Do you offer refunds?
  • What are your normal business hours?
    • Monday – Friday 8:00am-6:00pm
    • Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm
    • Sunday CLOSED