About Us

Add a spark to your day with exciting motor vehicles from All Star Scooters in Macon, Georgia. We are a scooter store that has been serving the Macon area for 18 years, and we specialize in sales and service of scooters, parts, and accessories. Not only do we sell these items, we offer warranties on them as well.

Few companies in our industry specialize in both sales and service, but our company will fix your vehicle promptly. Most parts are available on-site, and most repairs are completed in a week to 10 days. The most important aspect of our company is experience. Having worked on vehicles since 1968, we do everything in our power to satisfy our customers.

All Star Scooters barely advertises, so we depend on our customers to advertise for us. Most clients are surprised that we have the proper parts for a repair, and that we will fix their 4-Wheelers, Go Karts, or vehicles for such low prices. This is why our customers come back for future service and purchases.